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Cops and Robbers Slots

Cops and Robbers Slots

Cops and Robbers Slots

Rating: 3
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2.3 and up
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Cops and Robbers Slots
Cops and Robbers Slots
Cops and Robbers Slots


Grab your gun and mask, don’t forget your money bag, it’s time to rob these slots!

Game Features

► Grab the Gold MEGA wins!
► 20 Reel Slots and YOUR choice of line count!
► FREE Bonus Coin & Lucky Prize Wheel EVERY 4 hours
► Golden HD graphics, Alarming HD sound
► Level Up: Free coins, MORE lines, BIGGER bet max!
► Grab the money and Double Down on your slot machine wins!
► Police are after us with auto-spin, free spins and mini games galore
► Out run the Police with boost multiplier!
► Go wild with Wildcards
► iPhone! Android! iPad and tablet! We got them all!
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► Multilingual UI: free online slots in your language!

Don’t wait around for the Police! Rob the bank, and hit the slots!!! We’ve got slot machine action that will rival any police chase.

Quick, before the police find you. Break into the bank, grab the cash and gold and get out before the police come. That gold will go a long way in online multi-line slots – so grab as much as you can. I will be in the getaway car playing FREE MEGA payout slots!

You tripped the alarm? Quick hop in the car, I can outrun the police. I’ll hit the gas and speed past the slots on our left, the police will never find us!

We escaped the police!!! What will you do with your cash? Online slots? Cops and Robbers slots is free! It would be like robbing the bank all over again! And they have huge payouts, auto-spin, free spins and mini games galore! The police will never find us playing slots!

Play Cops and Robbers slots. The graphics are amazing the sound is so real – you will think the police are outside your front door! Don’t forget to play with a friend, the game is social – and its well-known you need a partner to rob these slots!