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Father of the Gods Slot Game

Father of the Gods Slot Game

Father of the Gods Slot Game

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Father of the Gods Slot Game
Father of the Gods Slot Game
Father of the Gods Slot Game


Father of the Gods Slot Game travels back in time to when Zeus, the god of the sky, ruled the Earth. Get your hands on AMBROSIAL JACKPOTS with the most DIVINE PAYING slots experience you’ll find anywhere in the mortal realm. Let Zeus bestow good fortune and winnings upon you!

★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★

► Play in your own tongue with the smart Multilingual UI on this splendid 5 Reels Slot Machine!
► Lucky Wheel Prizes gives a Free Prize every 4 hours while you enjoy divine HD Graphics & HD Sound!
► Select up to 20 celestial bet lines & use the otherworldly Double Down option for your winnings!
► Godly Wild Symbols replace ANY Symbol & luxurious Bonus Coins take form every 4 hours!
► Thank the Greek gods for ASTRONOMICAL payouts & the Scatter feature for awesome Free Spins!
► Bonus blasts in a mini-game randomly chosen from several available lucky games!
► Check out the Boost Winnings Multiplier, go wild with Auto Spin, & take home OUTSTANDING wins!
► Love the Level Up System that gets you righteous Free Coins, virtuous Extra Lines, & Higher Max Bets!

Zeus was the king of the gods in Greek mythology. Being a Greek god with so many children was a full-time job. Even the gods who were not his children addressed Zeus as Father. Zeus wanted his children to grow up helping mortals so he fashioned a Free Slots, on Mount Olympus, from a bolt of lightning. His youngest son, Kairos, was the personification of luck, opportunity, and favorable moments. Kairos provides a magical flow of godly luck into the Slot Game so players can win great fortunes. Zeus’s son, Hercules, was known for his extraordinary strength. Hercules uses his power to endlessly move heavy quantities of gold bonus coins and exotic diamonds around the Free Slots. Zeus’s daughter, Artemis, was the Greek goddess of the hunt. In this Slot Game, Artemis uses her skills to swiftly track down colossal jackpots. Zeus’s son, Perseus, was a great hero and slayer of monsters including the Gorgon, Medusa. Perseus protects brave players and rewards them with unbelievable treasure. Zeus’s favorite daughter, Athena, was the goddess of wisdom. Athena uses her great intelligence to guarantee that the Free Slots is always filled with blessed sevens and Free bonuses. Winning mountainous jackpots is a gift from the Greek gods in this Slot Game. Never has there been a more exciting or luckier slots experience than Father of the Gods Slot Game.