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The game of Matka is a game of absolute intelligence and purely not a game of coincidences.It needs mathematical acumen as it highly based on complex mathematical calculations.

It is similar to the other theories of games like unique auctions bids since it needs super skill to determine the number that would enable to fulfill the required criteria from the set of all possible numbers that is chosen.

Makta is not a fortune game or driven by the luck factor. Games like raffles, lotteries and other number competitions are completely depended on chance since the possibility of winning is absolutely marginal and one can do nothing to get their number right. Matka is safe and has a unique quality of providing proper game theory know-how which is available on the internet.

It details of how to predict a number by using a systematic game plan in order to draw a number. The outcome or reward that you receive in the end is only through a grinding of some unique mathematical problem.
In the game of Matka each game has two draws
drawing 3 digits in each draw known as the opening draw and the closing draw. The time or interval between the opening draw and closing draw is five minutes The numbers are drawn from between zero to nine.

The player draws his three digits after much mathematical calculations. These drawn numbers are a culmination of analysed bids by the player which is later arranged in an ascending order. For example, if a player draws 615 which then is converted into ascending order as 156. Then all three digits are added, in this case (1+5+6= 12). Here the last digit is taken as the opening single drawn number which in this case is 2. Thus the draw would be represented like this 156 2X.

The closing and final draw is taken after an interval of five minutes. Following the same method as the opening draw, a three digit number is selected again. For example, 285 are drawn and after putting them in ascending order, i.e, 258, the sum total is 15. The closing number of this drawn numbers is 5. So the complete draw for the game would be shown as 156 2X5 258 The purpose of this game is to enable high level thinking with clever selections of numbers.

This game is completely computerized and the person hosting it does not play any significant part in influencing the game. Here the number is chosen depending upon the number of players participating in the bid, the amount placed as bid on the selected number, the uniqueness of the number and the final payout amount for the number.
Looking at this locus, the number is then calculated for deciding the particular number to be drawn since it will be that number to find out the number with highest number of bids put on the unique number.

Matka just simulates the game with virtual currency, and is not involved in any gambling.