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Retro Games – Slot Machine

Retro Games - Slot Machine

Retro Games – Slot Machine

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Retro Games - Slot Machine
Retro Games - Slot Machine
Retro Games - Slot Machine


Gamers in the past have enjoyed the top technologies available many years ago (Nintendo Game Boy, Sega, Arcade amongst others), that could produce marvels of the time such as: Pac Man, Mario Bros, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong.

Enjoy this ultimate free slots experience, which revives these fantastic games into your mobile or tablet! Millions of fans have downloaded Retro Games – Slot Machine and you have to be one of them!

★★★★ Game Features ★★★★

► Double Down option for your winnings.

► The Level Up System gives you FREE coins, more extra lines and higher maximum bet options.

► Enjoy Retro Games – Slot Machine, with 20 reel machines!

► Visit frequently the Other Games, that has many surprising apps.

► Do not miss the free Lucky Wheel Prizes.

► Or you can enjoy the Auto Spin mode, if you like.

Pixel art is a form of digital art, which has been a trend in the last years. Graphics in most old (or relatively limited) computer, console or and mobile games are mostly pixel art! The term “pixel art” was first mentioned in a publication by Adele Goldberg and Robert Flegal (from Xerox´s PARC or “Palo Alto Research Center”) in 1982. Nevertheless, the concept has some 10 years prior to that, also at Xerox PARC.

Going even further back, traditional art forms such as beadwork, counted-thread embroidery and some kinds of mosaic are pretty similar (and older, of course!) to pixel art. These expressions of art design pictures out of tiny colored units, which are not quite different from the most advanced computer pixels.

Retro Games – Slot Machine gathers the innocence and pure fun of the retro games, with its faithful clear sounds and graphics, which will deliver you to that fantastic world. Playing in its machines, you´ll hit the Jackpot and get caught by the great payouts and the whole lot of bonus!