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Squeal / No Squeal UK Slot Sim

Squeal / No Squeal UK Slot Sim

Squeal / No Squeal UK Slot Sim

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Category: Classic Slots App
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2.3 and up


Squeal / No Squeal UK Slot Sim
Squeal / No Squeal UK Slot Sim
Squeal / No Squeal UK Slot Sim


This slot is a real life characteristics UK club fruit machine.
With a £500 jackpot and a default pay-out percentage of 80%.

Play the slot game as Ernie, a small time police informer out to make himself a few quid.

Match the fruit and symbols on the reels, by spinning, nudging, shuffling and holding the reels to get the best combinations possible.

● Line up 3 or 4 Squeal or no Squeal symbols on the reels to access the Feature Board and Super Feature Boards respectively

● Line up the fruit to collect yourself a cash reward.


Complete all of the Achievements to receive a free upgrade to the game. This reduces the number of adverts displayed and unlocks the fruit machine refill key menu. These functionalities are otherwise reserved for the paid version of the game.

Once the refill key menu is unlocked you adjust the pay-out percentages and the cost per play. The machine will then play according to the values you set. So you could have the world’s best or worst paying fruit machine.


Hi-Lo Gamble


When playing the reels all cash rewards can be gambled Higher or Lower on the roll of a dice.

All wins have the potential to be gambled Higher and Lower up to the jackpot, but don’t guess incorrectly or you’ll lose everything.

Keep your eyes peeled for the option to Exchange your cash win for entry into the Super Feature Board.

Feature Board


Roll the dice to move Ernie around the Feature board, collect as much loot as possible. But don’t get too greedy as Mr Big or one of the other underground scum bags will bust you up.

Ernie can collect Bent Coppers as he goes, collecting 4 will grant access to the Super Feature Board.

Avoid hazards when moving around the feature board

● Dodgy deal: Where you can make a nice few quid, but equally you could lose it all.

● Drive-By: Be careful not to get caught in the cross hair. Will another brother be slain, or will you escape with your life?

Also be careful to not get on Mr Big’s radar in a bad way as he will bury you. You have been warned.

As he moves around the board Ernie can also consider swapping his loot haul for one of the many Mystery Money features on offer…..

● Mystery Money feature 1: Push Your Luck

Take the loot on offer, or gamble all or nothing for more. How far dare you go?

● Mystery Money feature 2: Cut & Run

Grab whatever loot you can, before time runs out

● Mystery Money feature 3: Nudge Nudge Wink Wink
Collect best nudge & reel combination

● Mystery Money feature 4: CAsh Shoot Out

Shoot targets to collect as much loot as possible

● Mystery Money feature 5: Truck Full O’ CAsh

Collect the truck with the largest loot haul inside

● Mystery Money feature 6: CAsh Calculator

Collect the best loot and multiplier combination shown


Super Feature Board


Roll the dice to Move Ernie around the Super Feature board with enhanced loot values, and the opportunity to collect valuable intel. But don’t get too greedy as you don’t want to get ambushed.

When you hit the “Add Intel” squares your Intel stash will be increased. You will then be made an offer based on your stash. You then have a decision to make? Whether to accept the deal on offer or refuse the deal and try for more? Squeal or No Squeal?

Accept the deal on the offer by selecting Squeal to sell the Intel for its face value.

Decline the deal on offer by selecting No Squeal to carry on to collect even more loot and Intel.

How far dare you go? If ambushed you lose your Intel stash and escape with the remainder of you loot after Mr Big has taken what he believes is fair, and your life.

Playing Advice


● Complete all achievements for free upgrade

● 101% mode can make achievements much easier to complete – can you find it?

● Go crazy you will never be asked for any money thus you cannot lose anything its 100% free to play