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The New World Dozer

The New World Dozer

The New World Dozer

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The New World Dozer
The New World Dozer
The New World Dozer


Have you ever played the Coin Dozer arcade game in real life? These games are mostly played in carnivals and casinos! These games are so simple and easy, it is simply a bundle of fun and excitement! The game is so simple even children can easily win! The New World Dozer app presents a simple coin dozer game maxed out with massive tweaks and twists! The game’s theme is based on an awesome mystery about the knights of illuminati!

The word Illuminati means illumination of knowledge, it’s about enlightening the world with medieval chivalry, knightly ambience and knowledge and wisdom to explore the new World! The Coin Dozer platform has been designed with the symbols of the secret society wherein monopoly of a one-unit monetary system was the primary focus of the society’s members.

The New World Dozer is not your average COIN DOZER GAME – New World Dozer is about playing the game in gallant style! There are lots of prizes awaiting players and bonuses that will double or triple your profit favoring your points! Wish on the All Seeing Eye in each coin to fill your virtual pockets with a handful of profit for each game you play!


The game is played with virtual coins and you will be awarded with virtual prizes. Unlike real-life prizes, these prizes has the power to help you get more coins and prizes as you play. Initially, you will earn a limited amount of coins that you may drop at the virtual dozer platform to push coins into your slot. You need to tap on the platform in order to drop the coins. After a coin is dropped into the slot, it will automatically be added to your treasury and your balanced will be displayed on the upper left part of the screen, similarly, when prizes are dropped at the slot, they will be added to your prize list and earn their bonus! And once coins and prizes are collected into your treasury, you will be entitled to climb into higher levels of gameplay for the New World Dozer!

Special coins like All Seeing Eye coins will be available in the coins inside the dozer and they will offer you special bonuses. The coins must be dropped into the slot in front of the dozer, coins falling on the sides of the slot will not be added to your treasury but will increase the shake count as displayed on the left side of the screen. Once you filled up your shake meter, you can tap on it to shake the platform and make the prizes and coins at the edge fall!


  • – Avoid dropping coins on each other
  • – Use your shake points when special coins and bonus prizes are closer to the edge of the slot
  • – Try to drop multiple coins at a time
  • the more coins you dropped the more chances of collecting multiple coins and prizes


  • Before you start enjoying The new World Dozer coin dozer app, don’t forget to check out its friendly features:
  • – Stunning 3D graphics
  • – Awesome sound effects that dynamically increase the game’s potential
  • – Realistic physics for comprehensive gameplay that will surely grab the attention of players
  • – Enjoy medieval dragon prizes and treasures such as a knight’s sword as it was used in the secret societies like the – Freemason and Illuminati for honoring their members

Download the game The New World Dozer and experience its awesome gameplay and marvelous game dynamics!